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  • GoFounders is an innovative software and technology firm that has a pool of motivated individuals – also known as – founders who create and hone more leaders for the organization. The leaders and founders are a part of the AI ecosystem that automates day-to-day business operations and builds an exponential revenue stream for the stakeholders. This provides ample time and opportunity for business owners to focus on building their business without having to worry about the regular functions of the business. Any individual willing to join GoFounders can become a part of the organization either by being one of the founders or by becoming one of the participants. However, the processes differ depending upon the role an individual wishes to assume. Nevertheless, as of now, the organization is accepting only a limited number of founders and that can be done only via invites extended from other original founders. GoFounders also provides exclusive access to AI-powered automation systems for its joiners who can milk it for their advantage and create a robust yet growing revenue stream. This includes automating their business operations and channeling income in the business without any physical efforts. GoFounders is currently accepting new individuals as founders based on exclusive invites from the original founders only.